Wooden Comb as Christmas Gift Wooden Comb as gift
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If you are really looking for an uncommon Christmas Gift, then gift Wooden Comb to your loved ones and business associates! Surprised? You should not! There are so many reasons that make Wooden Comb as an excellent gift idea this Christmas. Why? Here are few reasons why even recipient of your gift of Wooden Comb will feel happy:

There are no dearth of Christmas gifts over Internet and real shops anywhere in the world. But how many Christmas Gifts actually have utilitarian value attached with them? Do you wish that your gifts this Christmas too go to the recipient's store room just the next day? If not, gift wooden comb this Christmas.

Benefits of Wooden Comb as a Product
Wooden combs are good for your hair. They are are soft and polished unlike plastic and metal combs that are very harsh on scalp. Wooden Comb evenly distribute oil from your scalp to hair. For long hairs, wooden combs are even better.

You must have noticed that plastic combs produce static (meaning it snaps your hair), but wooden comb is not a conductor of electricity and therefore does not damage your hair. Plastic combs can cause split ends, hair loss and fragile, broken hair, while wooden combs actually treat these conditions.

If you can find wooden combs made of margosa (neem) wood, then you will gift healthy hair to your loved ones! Margosa wooden comb prevents hair loss, control dandruff and even promotes hair growth.

Wooden combs can actually last for lifetime if you give it a little care regularly.

Giving Wooden Comb as Gift
It is believed that wooden combs are symbolic of good fortune, health and love & care. So, when you gift wooden comb, you wish good health and fortune to the recipient. In China, there is a tradition of giving wooden comb as gift. According to Chines people, giving wooden comb as gift has several meanings. Comb in Chinese culture means 'see you everyday'. This means when you gift wooden comb you are wishing longevity and good health.

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